School and Public EVENTS

Talks and Workshops

Talks and workshops are available for schools, libraries, community centers, town halls, and other settings. Christopher can talk on any aspect of his work, from his picture books to his op-editorial art. Every event is tailored to the venue, and audiences are actively encouraged to bring questions and direct the experience to suit their interests.

At a typical event, Christopher begins by projecting the pages of the book and reading it aloud to the participants. The read-aloud includes historical commentary and "fun facts" about the time period and the artifacts depicted. After the reading, Christopher opens the floor to questions and shares original art.

Learning is cross-disciplinary and ranges from how a a book is made to how the cultural environment of a time period influences historical events. Participants also learn about an artist's choices, his or her aesthetic, and the creative vision.

Editorial and op-editorial talks should be limited to 7th grade and older. Picture book talks are for all audiences, from 3rd grade through adult, and are geared toward the age of the audience.

Cost: Full Day $1200, Half Day $750

Full-day fees can include a workshop for an after-school program as well as school day activities.

Lunch or Dinner Presentations

If you are traveling through historic Lexington, Massachusetts, as a group, Christopher is more than happy to give a historically based lunch or dinner talk and Q&A on The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and the battle at Lexington.

Arrangements must be made in advance.

Cost: $250

Week Long Residencies

Residencies are full hands-on experiences for students (and teachers). All students receive an initial introduction to the full breadth of Christopher's work, including picture book and editorials (as age-appropriate). Each participant then picks a focus between the two and has the opportunity to explore that concept in-depth.

The residency starts before Christopher arrives. Teachers receive information to help prepare their students, so that students have the information to choose a discipline and can understand what each type of project entails. Christopher will provide a complete supply list as well as suggestions for where to purchase them, if needed.

The residency can be Monday to Friday or mid-week to mid-week. Programs that run from one week into the next can include Saturday activities for a small additional fee.

Residencies are available for K-12 as well as college and university groups, from urban to rural settings. Multi-building and multi-level programs are available and can allow students from schools across the district, however geographically broad, to benefit from the event.

Cost: $6,000 local; $9,000 travel