The Top 3

The following three books are perfect for learning how to draw comics, graphic stories, novels and or short stories.

Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics"

Tied for first place; This book will help you "Understand" everything you should and need to know about comics. Now Scott McCloud will argue till blue in the face that Will Eisner's "Comics and Sequential Art" is the original Master Work of the "How to" books on Comics, plus the Bonus is it's chuck full of Will Eisner's Art.

He's right!

But Scott McCloud's books "Understanding Comics" and "Making Comics" are so much more comprehensive than any other book(s) on the subject EVER, that in my professional opinion, there is no comparison or competition.

Arthur L. Guptill's "Rendering in Pen and Ink"

Tied for first place; This book contains ALL the information, with copious examples and illustrations, you will ever need about drawing with pen and ink. It is suitable for all audiences. Beginners and Masters alike.

All books on rendering in Pen and Ink since the publication of this book have been pale imitations at best. My one regret is that the newer editions have dropped what is considered well out of date materials and products (not an unreasonable thing for a publisher to do). But I find this information important to understanding the context and techniques of past masters. So I suggest you try to find earlier editions (printings). That said don't pass up a modern edition if thats all you can find.

Scott McCloud's "Making Comics"

I put Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" before his "Making Comics" because I feel it more important that a person understand what threshold they are crossing and it's context. I promise after reading one chapter you will never look at comics and sequential art the same again and you will want to read and learn more.