Twilight Gallery Art

CO2OK; Climate Change; Global Warming.

Details; An overweight figure in a field of smokestacks frying the Earth in a frying pan over a smoke stack. The Cook who is smoking a cigar is wearing an apron with the inscription "CO2OK".

The New GOP; The Party of Nope.

Details; A B & W pen and ink illustration on 2ply Bristol plate paper.

A GOP elephant changing the GOP acronym to NOPE. This is based on the 1960's -1970's GOP motto "The New GOP the party of Hope" in the caption on the banner the H in "Hope" has been changed with paint to an N reading "Nope".

The Dream.

Details; A pen and ink on un-inked scratchboard illustration

Tittle; "Every Parents Dream!"

Nuclear Warheads in a used beat up Trash Can.

The President Select 2000.

Details; Watercolor over pen and ink illustration

A Parody of a Saturday Evening Post Cover

This is not a Joint.

Tittle: "This is not a Joint" ; "Legalize" Prescriptive and Recreational Cannabis.

Details; B & W pen and ink illustration on 2ply Bristol Plate.

A Parody of the Margret Painting "This is not a Pipe" Note the Smoke at both ends; one end poses a Question Mark (?) while the other end forms a prescription Rx.